How To Get More User Generated Content

Published July 2, 2018
In digital marketing, we talk a lot about user engagement. Metrics like time spent on page, likes, shares, and re-tweets are all used to measure how engaged our users are. But engagement can go deeper than single-click actions. Truly engaged users will create new content for a website. That content can have multiple layers of value. This little bit of wonderful is called user-generated content (UGC).
UGC is one of those topics that in recent years seems to have a panel or workshop at nearly every marketing and advertising conference, because who doesn’t love free new content that represents actively engaged users? But while the enthusiasm and interest in UGC is ever-present on the brand/organizational side, the same cannot always be said on the consumer/user side. So how do you make your users want to generate content for you?
In this blog post, we’ll review the “What” and the “Why” for UGC and we’ll describe four ways to help you encourage and leverage user-generated content.