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Get started fast with a standard report template like SEO or PPC. Customize to meet specific client needs. Schedule delivery. Reports are automatically updated with the latest data.


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SEO Marketing Reports

Megalytic’s SEO template reports your client sites’ organic search traffic performance. Across Keywords, Pages, and Geographic Location, our default SEO report tracks Clicks, Impressions, Users, Bounce Rate, and more with monthly and yearly comparisons.


PPC Marketing Reports

Templates for PPC marketing reports focus on statistics such as Clicks, CPC, CTR, Conversions, CPA, as well as Cost (Total Spend). Results are presented monthly, and displayed along with month-over-month and year-over-year comparisons.


Social Media Marketing Reports

Our social media templates track both organic and paid statistics. The organic template focuses on the non-paid performance of posts over the last month. Interactions (e.g., Likes, Retweets), Reach, Comments, Demographics etc. are featured by default.


Content Marketing Reports

The content marketing template reports performance across a client’s website content, including pages, blog posts, knowledge base articles, Ebooks, etc. Standard traffic and engagement metrics like Pageviews, Bounce Rate, etc. are provided by default.


Conversion and Ecommerce Reports

Megalytic’s conversion template provides a concise summary of how well a website is converting visitors. It looks at conversion trends overall and by channel, social network, referring domain, geography, landing page, etc.


Email Marketing Reports

The email marketing template looks at the performance of email campaigns. Which campaigns delivered the most traffic? Which had the highest click-through rate? What email content yielded the highest open rates?