Trouble Connecting to Google Webmaster Tools from inside Megalytic?

Sometimes users have difficulty connecting to Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) from inside Megalytic. If you have tried to make a GWT connection, but continue to get “email or password incorrect” errors like the one shown below, here are a few steps you can try.


First, if you are using Google 2-Step Verification, you either need to turn it off or Create an App Password for Megalytic.

Second, make sure that you can log in to Google with the email and password you are using inside of Megalytic. Try to access GWT from outside Megalytic to make sure that you are using the correct email and password.

Third, when you try connecting from inside Megalytic – clear any autofill data that your browser might be putting into the password field. Enter the password manually rather than letting the browser autofill it for you.

Fourth, make sure that you have enabled “less secure apps” to access your account, as described here: Allowing less secure apps to access your account. (Google classifies all apps that access your account via Basic Authentication (i.e., username and password) as “less secure”. This even includes widely used applicationsi like Microsoft Outlook, as explained by Microsoft here: Outlook Cannot Connect to GMail after July 15, 2014.)

Finally, if you are still having trouble, check to see if Google is blocking you from accessing your account through Megalytic’s servers. You can do that by going to your Google Security Settings. Click Recent activity under “Security” on the left.

Check and see if there are any sign-in attempts that Google classifies as “unusual activity”.


Google sometimes identifies sign-in attempts from inside Megalytic as “unusual activity”, particularly if your normal sign-in location is outside the USA. Since Megalytic’s servers are in the USA, Google sometimes flags these sign-in attempts for you to verify.

Check off the sign-in attempts as “Yes that was me!” and you should be able to connect to GWT from inside Megalytic on your next attempt. If you still have trouble, please go to Google’s Unlock Captcha to unlock your account.

If this does not work, please submit a help request and we will work with you to debug the problem.