The Engaged Visits Metric

“Engaged Visits” is a metric available in Megalytic that is used to reveal the trend in the total number of engaged visits to your site.

This metric is available in all widgets in the “Website Engagement” category, as well as the general purpose widgets.


To create a chart showing Engaged Visits, select one of these widgets and open the widget editor. In this example, I’m using the general purpose “Metric Timeline” widget. This is not one of the special engagement widgets shown above, but it also supports the “Engaged Visits” metric.


By default, “Metric Timeline” shows you three series: Pageviews, Unique Visitors, and Returning Visits. We are going to edit these series by removing Unique Visitors, Returning Visits, and Pageviews, and adding Engaged Visits.
Click on the Series selector shown below. You will see that the 3 default metrics are checked.


Find the Engaged Visits metric, select it, and unselect the others. Then click on “Apply Selection” as shown below.


The chart has now been changed so show the single series “Engaged Visits”. Open the series and you will see that this metric has a property called “Visit Length Threshold”. This property lets you adjust the definition of “engagement”. For example, “All” will show all non-bounce visits. “60 seconds” will show all non-bounce visits lasting longer than 60 seconds. The higher you set the threshold, the few number of visits will be counted as “engaged”.


To learn more about how “Engaged Visits” is calculated and used, see this blog post.