Megalytic reports can be published in multiple languages.

By default, the language used in all reports is English. However, if you would like a report to be published in a different language, then you can change it by first clicking on the gear symbol on the report icon.


A dialog box opens the enables you to edit the report’s properties. Look for the selector labeled “Language” and use it to pick the language for your report.


All of the default widget titles, date ranges, axis labels, column headings, etc. will now be rendered in the selected language. For example, the image below shows the same widget table rendered in Spanish and in Hebrew.

Same Table in Spanish and Hebrew
same-table-spanish-hebrew (1)

Setting a Default Language

In addition to changing the language of an individual report, you can select another language as the default language for all newly created reports. To do this, first open the management section of Megalytic.

Click on the Settings Tab and select your default Language from the selector, as shown below.


Not Everything Gets Translated

When you change the language of a report from English to another language, say Spanish, you will notice that not everything is translated into Spanish. In particular, we do not translate titles, columns or series that you have customized. So, for example, if you change the default title on a Widget to be something like “My Favorite Widget” and then set your report language to Spanish, the report title will remain as “My Favorite Widget”. This is consistent with Megalytic’s policy not to change user created content.


Megalytic also does not attempt to translate text provided by the underlying source systems that send us data. So for example, in a widget that shows Google Analytics metrics by city, the city names are returned by Google Analytics in English, so Megalytic renders them in English. The rest of the widget, including title, date range, and column headings are shown in Spanish. This is consistent wth Megalytic’s policy not to modify the data provided by underlying APIs.

City Names are Not Translated

Overview of Language Support

To get a quick overview of Megalytic’s language support in action, watch the following video.


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