The Megalytic Report Toolbar enables you to execute the basic actions required to build, edit, and work with reports.

When you first log in to Megalytic, it is available at the bottom of the control panel.


  • Add Widget – opens the widget library so that you can add new widgets to your report.
  • Add Cover Page – adds a cover page to your report and allows you to edit it.
  • Share – provides options for you to share your report (e.g., via email, by generating a link).
  • Schedule – opens the schedule dialog to schedule delivery of your report.
  • Save as Template – save your report as a template so that you can reuse it’s structure.
  • Print View – view your report in a paginated format, so you can see how it will look as a PDF.
  • Download PDF – download the PDF version of your report.
  • Delete Report – delete your report.

As you scroll down your report and edit it, the report toolbar moves with you – always staying at the top of the window. This makes it easy for you to open the widget library from anywhere within the report by clicking on “Add Widget”.



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