If you are trying to save a report as a template, and you receive the error message:

The report cannot be saved as a template because it contains widgets with multiple sources.

One reason may be that you are using a widget that allows more than one connection of a specific type. Specifically, these widgets cannot be used in templates:

  • Metrics by View – uses multiple Google Analytics sources.
  • Metrics by Account – uses multiple Google AdWords sources.

The reason for this limitation is that when you create a report from a template, Megalytic asks you to pick which Google Analytics, AdWords, etc. account to use with that report. If the template needed more than one Google Analytics (for example) connection, then Megalytic wouldn’t know which connection to use with which Google Analytics widget.

The other reason is that you may be using 2 widgets of the same type that are using different connections. For example if you use the Google Analytics widget “Traffic by Source” with data from GA for websiteA.com, and you also (in the same report) use the Google Analytics widget “Traffic by Landing Page” with data from GA for websiteB.com, then you cannot create a template from this report. Again, the reason is that when creating a report from a template, you are allowed to pick at most 1 connection of each type.

In the first case, you need to remove widgets that use multiple data sources of the same type (e.g., Metrics by View). In the second case, you need to make sure all widgets of the same type are using data from the same connection. So for example, if you are using GA data for websiteA.com, then all GA widget must use the same connection for websiteA.com.


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