Percentage of Total Metrics

How to use Megalytic's Percentage of Total” metrics

Sometimes it is useful to show metrics as a percentage of the total. For example, you might be looking at Google Analytics Sessions by Channel and want to show that Organic Search provided 18,619 Sessions last month and that is 66.76% of the total Sessions for the month.

Megalytic provides some “Percentage of Total” metrics for this purpose. You can access these using the Columns selector as shown below. The “Percentage of Total” metrics are labeled with the suffix “(% of Total”).


In this example, the “Sessions (% of Total)” metric has been selected. When we display that in a table, alongside the “Sessions” metric, the result shows the total number of Sessions as well as the share of total coming from each row. For example, in the “Traffic by Channel” widget shown below, we can see the total Sessions from each Channel, as well as the share of the total.


The following video shows how to use the “Percentage of Total” columns in your reports.