Even if your Facebook Business Manager account has been authorized to manage a Facebook Page, you may not be able to access the Page Insights for that Page (or connect that Page to Megalytic) until your personal Facebook account has specifically been granted that access from within Business Manager.
Here are the steps you need to take to grant yourself access to a Page within Business Manager.

  1. Login to Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Using the menu in the upper left, navigate to “Business Settings”.
  3. From the “People and Assets” menu, select “Pages”.
  4. Select the Page that you want access to and click on the “Add People” button.
  5. Add yourself with at least the “Page analyst” Role in order to have access to Page Insights for that Page. You can also assign a higher Role, like “Page admin” if you need to administer the Page.

Once you have granted access, you will be able to connect your Megalytic account with the Page.
Here is a video that walks you through the steps:


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