Display Traffic by Source or Campaign

Megalytic provides two specific types of widgets for viewing data “by Source/Medium” or “by Campaign/Keyword”.

To display traffic by Source, use the “Traffic by Source/Medium” widget. First, click the “Add Widget” button to open the widget library.


Then, from the widget library, find the “Traffic by Source/Medium” widget in the upper left corner and selected it.


The table below appears at the top of your report. By default, it shows traffic metrics by source/medium. You can change the defaults by opening the widget editor by clicking edit icon that is circled in the image below.


When the widget editor opens, you will see a selector labeled “Dimension”. This allows you to whether the data is segmented by Source, Source/Medium, or Medium.


Displaying traffic by Campaign is similar. In the widget library, select the “Traffic by Campaign/Keyword” widget.


By default, the table provided by this widget segments your data by Campaign. You can change that to Keyword, by opening the widget editor and choosing “Keyword” from the dimension selector.