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#PPCPodcast with David Rothwell

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In this week's PPC Podcast, we'll be joined by guest speaker, David Rothwell of Rothwell Media . David's expertise lives in the ecommerce vertical and with the winter holidays approaching in Q4, we're excited to take a deep dive into Google Shopping Campaign strategy.

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We are just weeks away from the biggest holiday shopping season of the year. The time has come to start preparing for the occasion. We're looking forward to getting David's perspective on the following topics:

  • The standard structure of a Google Shopping Campaign
  • Suggested latency before seeing success with Shopping campaigns
  • How to account for the removal of Promotional Text
  • Recommendations for advertisers that are new to Google Shopping Campaigns

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As always, we'll recap the morning's #ppcchat discussions and discuss the latest news from our " This Week in Ad Tech " blog series.


Join us for the live #ppcpodcast with David Rothwell on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 10am Pacific Time.

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