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#PPCPodcast with Brad Geddes

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As you may know, AdStage publishes ad tech’s latest news every Tuesday in our weekly blog series called This Week in Ad Tech . In addition to this, we’re starting our very own live podcast where we’ll discuss the trending ad tech topics for PPC advertisers.

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From time to time, we’ll be joined by the brightest and sharpest PPC experts to share their experience and thoughts on the industry.

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Tomorrow, we’ll have guest speaker, Brad Gaddes of , and we’ll get his perspective on the following topics:

  • Ad testing for conversions
  • The future of adtech using automation tools
  • Privacy concerns for personalized targeting

And of course, we’ll take a deep dive into our regular roundup of articles from This Week in Ad Tech and recap the recommendations and thoughts from the morning’s #ppcchat tweets on Twitter.

Brad Geddes

Join us for the live #ppcpodcast with Brad Geddes on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 10am Pacific Time.

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