Megalytic Upgrade - August 2014

By Megalytic Staff - August 07, 2014

We have recently released an upgrade to Megalytic that is packed with enhancements and new features. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • Improved text formatting for comments and cover pages.
  • Compare multiple websites in a single graph or table.
  • Custom metrics you can create to track important ratios.
  • Filtering now available on all widgets.

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Megalytic Upgrade August 2014


Improved Text Formatting for Comments and Cover Pages

Build even more impressive reports for your clients and colleagues with beautifully formatted cover pages and comments. You can now create comments and cover pages with extensive text formatting - fonts, styles, bullets, indenting, etc. You can even embed images in your text.

Compare (and Aggregate) Multiple Websites

Need to create charts and tables that compare data from multiple websites? Megalytic's Metrics by View widget makes it easy. Just select the Google Analytics accounts that you want to compare, and use the widget editor to adjust the chart to present the data however you want.

Custom Metrics for Tracking Ratios

Have you ever wanted to track an important ratio like the number of video plays per visit to a page? Now you can use Megalytic Ratio Metrics to create your own metric for that. Just select the numerator and denominator metrics, give your ratio a name, and Megalytic does the rest.

Filtering Now Available on All Widgets

Display exactly the data you need in your charts and tables by adding Filters to your widgets. For example, create a table showing the most visited blog posts on your site. Or select exactly 2 campaigns and compare their performance over time.

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