Megalytic Adds Google Webmaster Tools

By Megalytic Staff - April 09, 2014

Today we added support for Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) data in Megalytic reports. Now your can connect your GWT accounts and start including SEO and link data in your reports.

Google Webmaster Tools

Four New Widgets - Just for Webmaster Tools Data

Megalytic now includes four widgets specifically for including GWT data in your reports.

  • Top Queries - to show Google Organic Search rankings, impressions, clicks, and click through rates.
  • Top Pages - to show which pages are getting featured and clicked in Google's search results.
  • Links - to show which sites are linking to your content.
  • Content Keywords - to show what keywords Google is indexing your site for.

The new GWT widgets can be found in the bottom section of the Megalytic widget library.

GWT Widgets

Connect Easily

It's easy to connect your Google Webmaster Tools accounts to Megalytic. Just head over to the Management section.


Click on "Add Connection" and select the Google Webmaster Tools icon. After that, just follow the instructions to enter your GWT username and password.


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