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Facebook Always Spends My Budget

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Over the past few weeks, I've learned a lot about online advertising and the process of launching ad campaigns. After letting my campaigns run for a week, I tried to fix my mistakes and optimize my campaigns as much as possible.

I noticed something that seemed to be a bit odd - Facebook is guaranteed to spend my entire ad budget every single day, and it's frequently within hours of launching campaigns . Granted, my budget is quite small per day, but compared to my other campaigns, I get many clicks, but only a small percentage convert. Spending the budget quickly isn't in itself a problem, but I do want maximize my conversion rate, regardless of spending, clicks, and impressions. What do you guys see with your campaigns?

I need to learn whether my Facebook clicks and impressions can be turned into conversions for AdStage .

What are some possible explanations?

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  • Poor targeting causes the budget to spend quickly, to an audience that isn't interested in the product.
  • Ad text isn't accurately describing the product.
  • Images are causing people to click regardless of the ads promote.
  • People are actually interested in the product, but our homepage isn't compelling or clear.

Advertising tools This is our landing page. I'd want to sign up! What do you guys think?

My first step is to assume I haven't optimized my Facebook campaigns yet . My goal is to have my Facebook campaign drive conversions. Facebook is a great network for getting your brand and message in front of many users (aka loads of impressions). It's up to me (or any new advertiser) to get ads in front of the right audience with the right message. Then, I can expect a higher percentage of conversions when someone clicks my ad and they are sent to a landing page that's compelling enough to encourage a sign up or whatever other conversion goal I set for my campaigns. The more I learn about this process, the better I understand what about the user acquisition process I can and can't control.

There are some clear pros and cons to what I've seen on my Facebook campaigns.

Pros: I know people are seeing and engaging with my ads. As long as clicks and impressions give me an opportunity to show someone a great landing page and simple sign up procedure, my campaigns should improve and succeed in acquiring new users.

Cons: I'm not driving conversions yet. Clicks are good, but the goal is to convert people that see my ads into AdStage users. There's an opportunity cost to using part of my budget on Facebook, if that portion of my budget could be spent more efficiently to drive conversions on other networks.

What do you think? Have you experienced similar behavior with Facebook or any other network? Do you see many conversions from your Facebook campaigns when compared with the other networks?

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