Agency Markup for Advertising Reports in Megalytic

By Megalytic Staff - September 06, 2019

Agencies that provide advertising services for clients often get paid by marking up the cost of that advertising. For example, the client and agency may agree to run a Facebook advertising campaign and the client will pay the agency the Facebook ad costs for the campaign plus 15%. That additional 15% is referred to as the "markup".

Megalytic reports now support building in a markup. That means that cost metrics like total spend, cost per click, CPM all gets increased by the markup percentage defined in the report. As a result, clients see cost numbers in their reports that match up with agency invoices. As with all Megalytic integrations, the Agency Markup feature is simple to use and easy to access.

To help you navigate this new feature, we’ve created a short step-by-step video that walks you through how to set markups in your reports. Check it out here:

Less Confusion for your Clients

Megalytic helps your agency automate and streamline the arduous task of monthly client reporting. This automation now includes how your fees get presented in those client reports. As an agency knows, when presenting data to your clients each month, consistency is key. Before our new Agency Markup integration, the cost metrics displayed in your reports were reported exactly as received from Facebook, Google, and other advertising platforms. There was no way to adjust these numbers before presenting the reports to your clients. Then, you had two different sets of numbers, (1) the cost of purchasing the media for your campaign, which appeared in your reports; and (2) the cost of the media including your fee, which appeared in your invoices. Having a number on your invoice that’s not the same as the number on your report can be confusing for both you and the client - which is why we decided to provide the markup feature so you can align the report numbers with your invoices.

Now, when charging a percentage (%) fee for administering paid campaigns, you can enter this fee directly into Megalytic’s widgets, making reporting easier, more efficient and less confusing each month. With the Agency Markup Integration, you can present your clients with reports displaying metrics like CPC, CPM, CPA, and Total Spend, with your fees built-in.

Ease of Use

Megalytic makes it very easy to build in your agency’s margins directly into various widgets, like Facebook Ad Campaigns, Google Ad Campaigns, etc. Every agency is different when it comes to invoicing their clients and determining which billing model to use. As we discussed in an earlier post, some agencies prefer to bill by the percentage of spend, others by an hourly rate, a flat fee or even profit-based. Each method of billing comes with a list of pros and cons, however, and each agency must decide for themselves which approach works best for them and their clients. Megalytic’s Agency Markup integration makes it easy for you to incorporate a percentage-based method of billing directly into the tool, all while allowing the flexibility to take it back out if needed.

Free 14- Day Trial

If you’re interested in learning more, Megalytic offers a free 14-day trial and multiple payment plans to fit various needs and budgets. Sign up today to learn more about Megalytic integrations and how your agency can benefit from our reporting tools and dashboards.


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