Vets are special people, with a passion for helping animals. Your agency won their business because of experience and expertise in veterinary marketing. Show confidence in your work and build trust by sharing a monthly marketing report with each client.

Second only to word-of-mouth, a veterinary practice’s online reputation will determine whether or not people bring in their pets. A vast majority of pet owners research veterinarians online before making an appointment. As a veterinary marketer, you need to design and execute a marketing strategy that addresses multiple online requirements by providing services that include:

  • Website design and hosting to project a positive, caring, image and also provide detailed information about the practice.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO), particularly for local searches, that places your client’s content near the top of the search rankings.

  • Ensuring a constant flow of high quality reviews - particularly for Google because your client is frequently being compared with other local practices in the Google Maps search results.

  • PPC ads and landing pages to generate appointments from pet owners who are actively searching for your specialty in their area.

  • Keeping pet owners “in the loop” with what’s happening at your practice through an email newsletter.

Your vet clients might be too busy to keep a close eye on what you are doing. Don’t let the only information they get from you each month be a bill.  Share a monthly report that summarizes the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and provides the basis for discussions about future plans.

Megalytic enables you to produce such reports without an enormous amount of manual effort. Sign up for our free trial. We’d love to show you how we can meet your reporting needs.

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