The Benefits of Megalytic as a Reporting Platform for Digital Marketing

By Megalytic Staff - November 21, 2014

Whether you work for an agency or an in-house digital marketing team, you’ve probably experienced the pain of reporting. Pulling together stats from Google Analytics, AdWords, Webmaster Tools and other sources. Massaging the data you’ve collected and creating charts in Excel. Taking screenshots and pasting them into Word documents for your client or team members to view.
Hours and hours of tedious work, on a regular basis. Why hasn’t somebody built a tool for this?
Actually, we have. Megalytic is a reporting platform for digital marketing that eliminates the time suck of manual reporting tasks. Because you have better things to do with your time, right?

Megalytic Dashboard


Use Widgets for Drag and Drop Report Building

With Megalytic, you build reports from widgets – prebuilt charts and tables that are integrated with Google Analytics, AdWords and Webmaster Tools. You simply drag the widget(s) you need in to your report.


drag and drop widgets onto a Megalytic report


Here, we are dragging the widget named “Traffic by Geography” into a report. This is a Google Analytics widget that shows the top geographic regions sending traffic to a website. You might use this widget to compare your website’s performance across target market areas, or to identify breakout regions where your business is receiving attention online but you are not yet targeting.

After dropping it into your report, it looks like this.


Megalytic Traffic by Geography Map Widget


This map is not just an image, but a live data display connected to Google Analytics. So, the next time you need to create this chart, you don’t need to drag and drop again – you can just update the date range by clicking in the upper left corner to reveal the date picker.

Set Automated Date Ranges

Even better, you can set the date range so that it automatically updates.


Megalytic's Date Picker


In the date picker image shown above, you can see that we have selected a Date Range of “Last 13 weeks”. Based on this selection, your report will automatically update itself to show data from the previous 13 weeks every time you run the report and send it to your client or colleague.

This is one of the key benefits of using Megalytic as a reporting platform. Once you have set up a report the way you want it, you don’t have to rebuild it next week or next month. You can set the date ranges to automatically update themselves and all the charts and tables will recalculate whenever you choose to run your report.

Use Templates to Run the Same Report for Multiple Clients or Websites

With Megalytic, you can save reports as Templates and reuse them for multiple clients or websites. This benefit saves you the time you would otherwise lose to recreating reports every time you had a new client or website to monitor.

Suppose, for example, that your company manages six web properties and you need to create the same report for each one. To avoid recreating the report six times, you’d set up the report once for one of your websites, and then save it as a Template.


Megalytic's Save as Template Feature


Simply click on the “Save as Template” button as shown above, and give your template a name. Now, to create a copy of that report for another one of your web properties, click on “Create a New Report,” select the “My Templates” tab, and pick the Template that you just created. By doing this, you can reuse that report for the other five sites you manage.


Megalytic - Creating a Report from a Template


In the next screen, Megalytic will ask you to pick the data sources for this report. Simply pick the Google Analytics, AdWords or Webmaster Tools accounts for your next website. Megalytic will then create a copy of your report, from the Template, using data from the new website.


Selecting a Connection to Google Analytics within Megalytic


The image above shows Megalytic’s Profile Manager, where you can select the data source for the report you are creating from a Template. Here, you will see a list of data sources for all the websites that you have connected to Megalytic.

Automatically Schedule Your Report Delivery

Another advantage of using Megalytic as a reporting platform is that you can schedule delivery of your reports automatically. Once you have a report set up, you can set a schedule and have it emailed to your client or colleague monthly, weekly, or even daily.

To do this, simply click on the “Schedule” button on your Megalytic dashboard.


Scheduling a Report in Megalytic


This will open the schedule window, where you can enter:

  • An email list of the people who should receive the report
  • The frequency for sending the report – Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • A message to be included in the email that includes your report.
  • The format of the report – either PDF, web page link, or both.


Megalytic Scheduling a Report


You’ll notice that at the bottom of this scheduling window, you have options to “Include PDF” or “Include Link.” These options determine the format in which your report is delivered. You can attach the report to the email as a PDF file, or provide a link so your client or colleague can view the report as a web page. You can also choose to select both.

The e-mail that your client or colleague receives will look like this:


Emailed Report sent from Megalytic


As you can see, the report is attached to this email as a PDF. There is also a blue button labeled “View Report” that can be clicked to open the report as a web page.

Collaborate with Other Report Authors

Sometimes, you may need to work on a report with multiple people from your office. Maybe you are the expert on the AdWords campaigns and another person handles SEO, and you’ve decided to split up the work on the report and each write your own section.


Megalytic with Multiple Users


Shown above, you’ll see the Users section located in the Manage area of Megalytic. Here, you can add multiple users to your account. Each user will have his or her own username and password.

When two of you are logged in and working on the same report simultaneously, you will see each other’s changes happening in real time.

Here is a short video that shows this collaboration feature in action. Using two browser windows, with different users logged in to each, you can see that when the user on the right changes the map region from United States to United Kingdom, the user on the left sees the change happening in real time.

Video Example
Two Users Simultaneously Editing a Report

[youtube id=6QwUniWIqDo]



When your agency or in-house marketing department adopts a reporting platform like Megalytic, you take a lot of the drudgery out of the reporting process. You eliminate the screenshots, cutting and pasting and re-inventing of the wheel each month. Reports are automatically updated with the latest month’s data. Templates enable you to create the same report for multiple clients or websites with a couple of clicks. Delivery can be set up on an automated schedule, so you are never late with a report again. Most importantly, you get back all the time you used to spend manually creating reports, so you can get to marketing, analytics, or whatever your real job is supposed to be.

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