Megalytic Introduces YouTube Analytics Reporting

By Megalytic Staff - April 25, 2019

Megalytic has recently introduced integration with YouTube Analytics. Much of the YouTube channel and video analytics data that is available in YouTube Studio can now be pulled into Megalytic reports.

As a result, marketers can now easily produce YouTube channel and video performance reports. The data available includes: channel views (including premium views), watch time, revenue (including ad revenue), comments, likes, shares, dislikes, subscribers, ad impressions, annotation details (impressions, clicks, closes, click-through rate), card details (clicks, click rate, teaser click rate). Much of this data can be presented at the channel level and at the individual video level.

Like all Megalytic integrations (e.g., Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, etc.), the YouTube integration is powerful and simple to use. Here is a short video to show how you get started:


Connect with YouTube Brand Accounts

Megalytic users can now connect with any of their YouTube Brand Accounts and automatically report on views, watch time, comments, likes, shares, revenue, and other key performance indicators for video marketing. Reports, based on YouTube channel performance, can be created in a fraction of the time required to build them manually. Additionally, Megalytic supplies a library of YouTube-specific widgets that can be customized to meet the needs of each individual marketing report.

If you need permission to access your company or client’s YouTube Analytics data, you can request that the owner of the YouTube Brand Account give you access. Instructions on how to do this are here: How to Share Access to a YouTube Brand Account with your Agency.

The chart below, generated from the “YouTube Channel Activity” widget, shows the monthly views over all videos in the channel. A similar chart could be created for any specific video (rather than the entire channel). The metric can also be easily changed to show average view duration, estimated ad revenue, comments, etc. - any of a large number of statistics.


Better, Faster, Easier Marketing Reports

Megalytic is easing the burden of manual labor required for digital marketing reports. Marketers can now create reports on their YouTube performance without the grunt work of data exports and spreadsheets. This is another step toward Megalytic’s goal of providing digital marketers a single tool that generates all the reports that their clients and colleagues require.

Free Trial

For those interested in learning more, Megalytic offers a free 14-day trial and multiple payment plans to fit various needs and budgets.


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