Introducing Megalytic

By Megalytic Staff - April 19, 2012

Marketing analytics professionals are overwhelmed with work these days. At one Fortune 500 company, the Director of Marketing told us that his team has only 2 analysts supporting over 180 different web sites, dozens of Facebook pages, multiple Twitter accounts, and email campaigns.

Pulling together the data from all those sources, he told us, was impossibly time consuming. It severely limited his ability to deliver the analysis needed by business executives.

Megalytic solves that problem. It automates all the data integration grunt work, so analysts can do the interesting stuff - delivering results that their executives need.

We built Megalytic to give marketing analytics professionals fast and easy access to all the data they need to measure their company’s digital marketing performance.

Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter, Omniture, CheetahMail, etc. – now you can pull metrics from multiple accounts and sources with a few clicks, and get the data instantly downloaded to an Excel workbook.

Megalytic is free for the first 30 days. After that, you pay a modest monthly fee.

Check out this short video – which gives an overview of the business value provided by Megalytic.

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