Megalytic Now Integrated with Facebook Page Insights

By Megalytic Staff - March 14, 2016

We are really excited to announce direct integration with Facebook Pages. This integration the latest step in Megalytic’s advancement toward becoming a one-stop shop for creating digital marketing reports from all major data sources.
Like our integrations with Google Analytics and Adwords, the Facebook Page integration is easy to use, yet powerful. This short video shows how it works.

Connect with Facebook Pages

Megalytic users can now connect with their Facebook Pages and automatically report on likes, posts, comments, audience demographics, impressions, reach, and other key performance indicators. Users can create insightful reports based on Facebook Page activity in a fraction of the time that it takes to produce such reports manually. Additionally, users have access to a library of Facebook Page-specific widgets that can be customized to present different metrics, display alternate chart types, compare against past performance, and much more.

One example is Megalytic’s “Page Impressions Widget” that displays a variety of important metrics about a Page’s audience and how they are being reached. You can quickly create Charts and Tables highlighting Paid, Organic, and Viral impressions, Story Types bringing viewers to the Page, and the effectiveness of Paid vs. Organic channels. Almost any data point accessible through Facebook’s Page Insights interface can be quickly and easily included in a Megalytic report.

Facebook Page Impressions Widget in Megalytic

Other widgets include the “Page Likes Widget” can show the growth in fans over time, broken out by demographics, city, county, language, or source; the “Posts Published Widget” that reports the performance of individual posts; and the “Page Reach Widget” that analyzes that Page audience by demographics, Paid vs. Organic, city, country, etc.

Eliminating the Grunt Work from Digital Marketing

Our goal is eliminating the grunt work from digital marketing. This Facebook Page integration takes us a step closer to our vision of providing digital marketers a single tool that generates all the reports that their clients and colleagues demand.

As data gets more important to digital marketers every day, you - the digital marketer - find yourself spending more and more time creating reports to satisfy the every growing thirst for data. Megalytic is working hard to relieve you of that burden by automating the report creation process.

Free Trial

For those interested in learning more, Megalytic offers a free 14-day trial and multiple payment plans to fit various needs and budgets.