Megalytic introduces AdWords Reporting

By Megalytic Staff - May 06, 2014

Today we added support for Google AdWords data in Megalytic reports. Campaigns, keywords, search terms, conversion rates & cost-per-click - its all there. Now you can build beautiful, branded reports that track Adwords results.

Google AdWords

AdWords Widgets - PPC Reporting made easy.

We've introduced four new point-and-click widgets, so you can easily drop AdWord charts or tables into your Megalytic reports.

  • AdWords Summary - display core AdWords stats like impressions, clicks, cost, CTR, etc. Organize by Campaign or Keyword.
  • AdWords Conversion - display how AdWords PPC is driving goal conversions. Report on which Campaigns and Keywords are bringing visitors who complete important goals.
  • Matched Search Queries - display the actual search queries that visitors used to match on ads. Report on key traffic metrics by search query - like Bounce Rate and Pages/Visit.
  • AdWord Position - display AdWords keywords and positions. Report statistics broken down by how keywords are ranking in Google paid search results.

The new AdWords widgets can be found in the Megalytic widget library under the heading "Website AdWords".

AdWords Widgets

Link AdWords to your Google Analytics account to get started.

If you've already linked AdWords with your Google Analytics, you're done - the Megalytic AdWords widgets are already working for you.

Otherwise, follow Google's simple instructions to link an AdWords account with the Google Analytics property that you want to use for Megalytic reporting.

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