Activating Your Megalytic Account

When you create a Megalytic account, you will need to activate it by confirming your email address.

When you create a trial account, Megalytic sends an email from with the subject “Please confirm your Megalytic account”. Within that email, there will be a button to press that is labeled “Confirm”. When you click this button, it confirms to us that your email is valid, and we then activate your account.

After creating a Megalytic trial account, you will be allowed to use it for up to 24 hours even if you have not confirmed your email. But, beyond 24 hours, you will be locked out until you confirm your email.

To unlock your account, find the email we sent, or click on the link provided on the login page to “Resend a confirmation email” to get a new email. You might also need to check your SPAM folder. Despite our best efforts, sometimes our emails end up in SPAM.