Adding and Managing Multiple Users

How to add & manage multiple users in Megalytic.

Megalytic plans of type Premium and above enable your account to have multiple users, each with a separate login and User Workspace.

To create a new user in your Megalytic account, you need to be an Admin User. First, go to the Management Section of Megalytic. Scroll down, and open the Users section.


users section of Megalytic
adding a user to Megalytic

Click “Send Invitation” to create the User. This will send an email to the new User containing a link that they should click to verify the new account and set their password.

You can also delete and edit Users by clicking the “Edit” link in the User table.


When you click on the “Edit” link, a form will open that enables you to edit the User. You can change the Name, Email, and Access Type. You can also delete the User by clicking on “Delete”.