White Label Email - New Megalytic Feature Added Today

By Megalytic Staff - June 04, 2014

Megalytic reports can now be sent from your own email address. This is the latest addition to our suite of White Label Reporting Options. You can now automate your monthly client reporting and have Megalytic email out all the reports from your company's email address.

White Label Email Report

Branding for your Agency now extends to Email

With Megalytic's powerful agency branding features, you've always been able to customize your monthly reports to fit your agency brand. Now, you can extend that branding even further, and automatically send out the reports from your own email address.

Login to your Megalytic account now and try it out. Head to the "Manage" section, and look under the "Settings" tab to see where you can customize your email.

Then, check out the instructions for authorizing Megalytic to email out reports on your behalf.

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