Resize your Widgets in Megalytic Reports

By Megalytic Staff - November 26, 2019

Great news! Megalytic has introduced resizable widgets for your custom reports! As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, it’s crucial when presenting data in your reports, to display it in a way that’s easily digestible for your clients (and co-workers) to understand.

It’s inevitable that there will be times when you’re creating a report that some of your metrics are more valuable to display than other metrics. In these instances, you’ll want to find a way to draw the reader’s attention to the primary data. By resizing your widgets, you’ll be able to customize your report so that the reader (your clients) can engage with the most important data without excluding your secondary data.

For example, you may want to emphasize the primary KPIs with large visualizations, but include the secondary data in smaller charts and tables that are more densely packed together.

It can also be very useful to resize your widgets so that you can do a side-by-side comparison of data. For example, say you want to highlight the differences between Traffic by Country and Traffic by US State.

Here is a short video of Mark Hansen demonstrating how to compare widgets side by side:



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