Custom Color Themes (Upgrade - March 2017)

By Megalytic Staff - February 27, 2017

Users have been asking for customizable report colors for a while, and I'm delighted to announce that we have just released Report Themes to address that need.
Megalytic's Report Themes enable you to customize the colors used in your reports. We provide several built-in themes to choose from. In addition, you can create your own themes, either by customizing ours, or by creating your own.


See our press release for more details.
In addition, we've packed a bunch of additional powerful improvements in to this upgrade:
  • Facebook Ads Filtering – We've added filtering to the Facebook Ads widgets. Have hundreds of campaigns in your Facebook Advertising account? No worries, now you can use filters to show users only the campaigns that you want them to see. You can also filter by Ad Set, Ad, and by certain metric values.
  • New AdWords Metrics – AdWords widgets now provide access to All conv. value, View-through conv., Quality Score, and Search Impression Share.
  • Support for AdWords expanded text ads.
  • Improved placement names for AdWords Mobile app ads.
  • Filtering of Image Ads (AdWords) based on the creative name.
  • AdWords filtering by Display Network dimensions (Placement, Keyword).
  • Reporting on AdWords Status (Enabled, Paused, Removed).
If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our support channel. Or, if you'd like to give Megalytic a try, sign up for our free 14 day trial.
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