Megalytic Upgrade – April 2015

By Megalytic Staff - April 23, 2015

We've upgraded Megalytic with improvements for report formatting, user interface, and scalability. Megalytic has now been stress-tested and proven reliable for organizations with dozens of user producing hundreds of reports each month.
New features include:
  • Robust Headers and Footers – Customize and upgrade the look of your reports. Create headers and footers using text and images -details here.
  • Use Text and Images in Custom Templates – You can now save boilerplate text and images in your templates, making report creation with Megalytic even faster. – details here.
  • Improved Dashboard UI – Our new dashboard provide a more intuitive interface for managing your reports. - details here.
  • Better Scalability – We've been working hard on those behind the scenes improvements that make Megalytic more robust. - details here.
  • Coming Soon ... AdWords – We are very close to releasing direct AdWords integration - something that many of you have been waiting for. Look for an email about that within a few weeks.

Robust Headers and Footers

Customers have been asking us to provide a way for them to include headers and footers in reports to enhance their visual appeal and branding. Now, you can simply and easily include images and text in headers or footers to create professional looking reports.

For more information about how to use this feature, see the support document: Headers and Footers.


Megalytic Headers and Footers


Use Text and Images in Custom Templates

Megalytic's custom template feature has been upgraded so that you can include boilerplate text and images in your templates.

As shown below, the "Save as Template" feature include new options for saving Text widgets and Image widgets in the template. Use these options if you have standard text and images that you want to include in every report that you create from a template.

Megalytic Save Report as Template

Improved Dashboard UI

Yes, you may have noticed that the "Create Report" button has moved! Hopefully, you have found it, but in case you didn't, see the image below. We've redesigned the dashboard a little bit to give better control over scrolling across the reports, and move the button for create new reports down into the toolbar.

Megalytic Old vs New Dashboards

Better Scalability

As the Megalytic has grown, we've acquired some large customers who have dozens of users creating hundreds of reports each month. As a result, we've beefed up our infrastructure to handle the load and added the User Workspaces feature that lets each user have their own dashboard with access to only the reports they need to see.

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