Megalytic Upgrade

By Megalytic Staff - March 19, 2013

Recently we've been upgrading Megalytic. A lot.

Megalytic Features

We've got loads of new features to share. Now you can track data from dozens of Facebook, Google Analytics or Twitter accounts & display hundreds of charts on multiple pages.

Powerful Dashboard Manager

Switch projects, switch accounts, switch pages. Compare, download & manage. All from one simple screen.

New Detailed Charts

Compare multiple metrics from different places, analyze charts, aggregate & display huge amounts of data.

Download Everything

Download all of your Google Analytics, Facebook Insights or Twitter data.

Add Multiple Users

Add additional users to your Megalytic account easily. Collaborate & share data across your organization in a few seconds.

Compare Multiple Sites

Add & analyze many charts from multiple sites at the same time. Organize, compare & share across accounts or pages.

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Get Tabular Data

Now include tables in your Megalytic pages. Get analytics on individual Twitter posts & Facebook posts.
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Purchase Extra Data

Purchase extra historical data to analyze easily. Store & download any time.
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High Pixel Density/ Retina Support.

SVG Charts, CSS design, high def images & font icons allow Megalytic to be sharper & more beautiful than ever before.

More Features

Megalytic Feed

We also added a lot more features, including...

Tablet support (in Beta).
Facebook post-level insights.
Multi-year data history.
Download data in CSV format.
New Responsive logged out & blog design.

Megalytic icon

Even More Features

Alongside the swathe of features we have unleashed in the last two months, we have even more to come launching very soon. We'll keep you updated about our releases, so stay tuned to our blog & be sure to follow us on Twitter & Facebook for the latest info.

Don't Forget

Megalytic accounts are free for one user & up to three data profiles. Why not give it a try today?.

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