Get Quick Insight with Megalytic's Website Overview Report

By Megalytic Staff - November 26, 2013

Need a quick update on how your website is doing lately? With only a couple of clicks, you generate 12 insightful charts and tables that you can scroll through and digest in minutes. Share it with clients and colleagues via a link or PDF. Its the perfect report to kick off a digital strategy session or monthly website review.


The Essential Status Report

One of the new report templates included with Megalytic is named "Website Overview". A perfect status reporting tool, this is a great weekly or monthly report to send to clients or colleagues. It shows you traffic trends, where your traffic is coming from, top referring domains and keywords, traffic by social network, stats about loyalty and engagement, geographic distribution of your visits and more.

See it in Action

Check out this PDF of the Website Overview. A sample report is worth 1,000 words.

Share or Schedule Delivery

Megalytic lets you share this report with anybody via email, or even by posting a link online. You can also schedule an updated version of the report to be delivered weekly, monthly - even daily.

Try it for Free

Try it on one of the sites you work with. Just create an account at and follow the on-screen steps. When prompted to create a report, select the "Website Overview" template. You need to have Google Analytics installed on the site for this report to work.

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