Measuring Your Blog Performance

By Megalytic Staff - November 21, 2013

Working out what is really going on with your blog is getting more difficult every day. Our new Blog Performance reports help you discover who is reading what.


Essential for Growing Your Audience

One of the new report templates included with Megalytic is named "Blog Performance". This report is an essential tool for any blogger wanting to measure and grow their audience. It shows you traffic trends, where your traffic is coming from, top posts, which social networks are sending you traffic, geographic distribution of your readers and more.

See it in Action

Rather than trying to describe it to you, it is easier to just show an example. Check out an annotated PDF of the Blog Performance Report for my blog. Don't laugh - I'm new to blogging, so there isn't a ton happening there, but you can get a good idea for the power of this report.

Try it for Free

Try it on your blog. Just create an account at and follow the on-screen steps. When prompted to create a report, select the "Blog Performance" template. You need to have Google Analytics installed on your blog for this report to work.

Happy blogging!

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